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Driving Sustainability using Bockchain technology

TelosGreen mission is to promote sustainability and enterprise adoption of Telos Blockchain Network by engaging, empowering & educating the community

Sustainability Development Goals - Mission & Values

Values & Mission

Keeping the network stable and secure is our top prio. In our activities, Transparency is the key and we strive for it.

Sustainability is also a priority for us. The best way to contribute is by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forward by United nations. 


Sustainability | Block Production | Community

  • COMMUNITY - We love our community and we believe in community driven approach. We are currently active in Telegram channels, actively sharing our opinions, views & concerns on various topics. We are actively promoting EOSIO blockchains in our private networks. Follow us here!
  • BLOCK PRODUCTION - We are one of the pioneers in multiple EOSIO blockchains, we were one of the pioneers in starting the first EOS testnet - superhero and now we are now one of the founding team members in Telos Blockchain. You can read more about our infrastructure here. Read More
  • SUSTAINABILITY - We took a commitment to work together with the community in a sustainable direction and that will be our priority. We encourage solutions, ideas & dApps which standby our core mission values. We are already in discussion with potential projects. Check out our mission statement here!

Values & Goals 


We are accountable to our activities -  our community members can make their voice heard by making new suggestions , proposals and to vote on them.

Working Groups

To drive the community in a sustainable direction. We will establish working groups which aim to address different SDGs.


Dapps & Projects

Together with community, we will encourage and support new dApp ideas and projects. Our main focus is on projects which encorporate at-least 1 sustainable development goals.

Security and Green

We will be in compliance with the constitution and maintain security of the telos network.
We have already started working on some green ideas.

Planned Activities

EOSIO Essentials

We are building a web portal with search engine features to make it more user-friendly for the whole EOSIO eco-system. More information will be released soon.

EOSIO eco-system

Development of the EOSIO ecosystem by building IDE tools and maintaining compliance checks. We will actively work with the foundation to grow.

External Outreach

We are working on educating students, enterprises and bringing them into the EOSIO ecosystem by organising Meetups, Seminars with other partners.

dApps & projects

New projects bring value to EOSIO. So we are working on a concept called 'Green token', we would also help out dApps and projects in any way possible.


  • Mainnet - All our mainnet infrastructure is currently hosted in Google Cloud in a private VPC network. We have 2 producer nodes for high availability, we have a peer node & 2 api nodes with full history enabled. Majority of our nodes are hosted in 'us-east1-b'. For more infromation, check out our bp.json
  • Testnet - We will provide a test node with public endpoints. Our node will be hosted in Google Cloud in a private VPC network. 
  • Stagenet - We will also provide a stagenet node for core developers of Telos Blockchain to test the software releases. This node will be in Göteborg, Sweden and will be activate on-demand basis in coordination with other BPs.

Our Roadmap

Q4 2018

1) Actively working with new releases on testnets.
2) Infrastructure secured.
3) A legal entity established.
4) Mission & Values streamlined. Website updated.
5) Community establishment - Ongoing! 
5) Actively working with BP community for the launch of the main chain.

Q1 2019

1) Issue our BP progress report.
2) Actively working on optimization of infrastructure.
3) Team development, Partnerships and Collaborations.
4) Working on our planned activities.
5) EOS Essentials release
6) Preliminary info release - Green Token

Q2 2019

1) BP progress report.
2) Begin reviewing dApps & worker proposals from the community to invest in the projects which standby our values & mission.
3) Green Token release
4) Our in-house dApp Unbiased will be release.


Sukesh Kumar Tedla

Founder & CEO

Hezi Hershkovitz

Hezi Hershkovitz

Tech Lead & Developer

Monika Reszka

Mansi Iyengar


Monika Reszka

Akash Kaveti

Cloud & DevOps Engineer

Partners & Projects

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